In the fully digital substation, all data is digitized at their source, including the measurements. The concept of a fully digital substation enables the efficient and simple exchange of the measured data between devices connected to the process bus, more efficient use and storage of measured data and increased substation energy efficiency. The Merging Unit (MU) and PMU devices will be the main sources of measured data in fully digital substations.

The advantage of the SMU-P2 device is that it can provide all kinds of measured data within a digital substation, according to all relevant standards.

Dimensions 220 x 182 x 88 mm
Analog inputs 4 x protection current inputs 1A or 5A
4 x measurement current inputs 1A or 5A
4 x protection and measurment voltage inputs 100V
Power supply 110 – 230 VAC and 110 – 230 VDC
Input signal frequency 50 Hz
Communication 1000Base – TX, VLAN


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