“Internationalization of SMEs business activities“

Through the non-refundable means received through the project ‘Internationalization of SMEs business activities’, we are co-financing project activities which include attendance at international fairs or b2b meetings outside the Republic of Croatia. The activities also include foreign market research with the goal of positioning our products outside the Republic of Croatia.

The aim of the project is to increase the ability of Croatian economy to participate in global markets and to increase the share of SMEs in total exports of goods and services, by improving their working conditions in the international environment.

More about the project at www.strukturnifondovi.hr


‘WWW vouchers for SMEs’

Pro Integris was approved a voucher whose goal is to encourage SMEs to apply and improve network solutions for presenting and selling their products and services.

The aim of the project ‘WWW vouchers for SMEs’ is to ensure the strengthening of market position and increasing the competitiveness of SMEs by applying network marketing solutions. The purpose is to improve the presence of SMEs on the market and the visibility of their products and services, as well as support the development of information society in Croatia.



Within the Operational Program “Competitiveness and Cohesion“ of the European Regional Development Fund, we participated in encouraging investments for strengthening the competitiveness of micro and small entrepreneurs in the manufacturing and production services.

The goals of the “E – Impulse 2016” are the growth and development of entrepreneurship and trade, balanced regional development and efficient use of EU funds.


PoC 7 (Proof of Concept Program)

By participating in a program designed to co-finance pre-commercial activities in the initial phase of the development of new products, services and technological processes, we have opened up the opportunity to develop our innovative activities.

The Program’s objective is to support innovation at an early stage of research to ensure pre-commercial capital for the technical and commercial verification of an innovative concept as well as to increase the capacity and the private sectors’ ability for research, development and innovation.

More about the PoC project and other research and development projects can be found on our website under ‘Research and Development’ https://prointegris.hr/en/research-and-development/