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About Us

Pro Integris is an engineering company focused on power plant, substation automation, and renewable energy sources.

Our customers and partners are companies and organizations engaged in the production, transmission, and distribution of electricity.

Since the company’s establishment in 2007, we maintained a long-term relationship with our numerous clients. Our business success and contribution to the Croatian economy brought multiple awards for our work and inspired us to keep up. These results stem mainly from the outstanding team of engineers who accumulated their knowledge and experience by participating in or leading many power system-related projects around the world.

Our mission is to support companies and countries in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making energy reliable, affordable, and sustainable.
Sharing the same passion, vision, and values, since October 2023, we made a step forward by becoming a part of Siemens Energy Global GmbH & Co. KG, Grid Technologies, a global leader in energy technology.

Scope of activities:

  • The basic design of substations and power plants
  • Technical calculations and equipment specification
  • Technical oversight and commissioning supervision
  • Power system and substation automation development, design, and implementation
  • Application migration strategies
  • Secondary systems detailed design and specification of equipment for protection and control, network and communication, software solutions, cabling, and other equipment
  • System design, integration, and commissioning
  • Educational seminars and workshops related to power system automation

Our values

Our intention is to contribute and help our partners build a more sustainable future in one of the most technologically challenging industries – electrical engineering. The company’s team and business continuously grow through experience and knowledge based on projects worldwide.

Our business approach

Team players – working together to solve problems and achieve clients’ technical and business goals.

Flexible – selecting the services we provide and identifying work that can be done by the client’s employees. Our combined efforts will produce cost-effective results.

Efficient – providing resources to meet clients’ needs promptly. We will develop a timeline that fits the schedule.

Responsive – prepared to work when needed. Our knowledge of utility systems and operations give us a competitive edge in providing superior service.

Once a year, we organize PI Day (Pro Integris Day) to celebrate another successful year and socialize through various activities such as sports and social games.

Our principles are professionalism, expertise, and parallelly providing a relaxed and comfortable working atmosphere for employee satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency.

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