Services that PRO INTEGRIS can provide include:

  • Basic solutions and designing of LV, MV and HV switchgears.
  • System performance calculations and equipment specifications.
  • Equipment installation supervision.
  • Developing, designing and implementing substation automation systems.
  • Evaluating existing systems and developing strategies to migrate on new applications and technologies.
  • Detailed design and specification of all equipment from intelligent devices, to cables and wires, substation central units and servers, RTUs, network switches, firewalls, wide area networks, SW applications, and others.
  • Assistance with configuration, integration, and testing of the solution.
  • Presentation and the management of the workshop to educate your team on a technology or address a new solutions involving energy automation.

Other services

  • Basic design
  • Final design
  • Detail design
  • As built documentation
  • Studies, analysis and calculations
  • Parameter lists

  • System Design
  • Cubicle Design
  • System Hardware Specifications
  • System Software Specifications
  • System Integration
  • System Programming & Configuration
  • Logic Diagrams (Interlocking)
  • Inspection, Supervision and Consulting
  • Testing, Commissioning & Startup Assistance
    • Substations and switchyards
      (Voltage level 500kV, 400 kV, 220 kV, 110 kV, 35 kV, 20(10) kV)
    • Hydro power plants and Thermal power plants
      (Range from small

  • Project Status and Progress Reports
  • Project Cost Reports
  • Scheduling and Quality Control
  • Project Cash Flows
  • Vendor/Contractor Qualification
  • Inquiries & Purchase Orders
  • Document Coordination and Routing
  • Change Order Reviews
  • Acceptance Reports
  • Quality auditing of performed services and installed equipment